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About Viverae, Inc.

Viverae® is a workplace wellness program provider and an industry thought leader. Our comprehensive wellness solutions help employers build healthy cultures and manage healthcare costs. Our configurable programs manage engagement and incentives with our proprietary application, MyViverae®.
This secure, simple yet powerful app integrates third-party claims and member health data to personalize workplace wellness programs and create an engaging experience.

Viverae’s wellness programs are compliant with Affordable Care Act requirements and applicable law, and National Committee for Quality Assurance and national health advocacy group standards.

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Wellness Champion

I have tried just about every style of workout and diet plan – couch potato to bodybuilding. I was a figure competitor for three years where I was in the best shape of my life. Now it is all about finding and keeping that work/life/health balance where I work out a few times a week instead of spending 21 hours a week in the gym, and eating healthy with a few treats here and there. Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is 100% a commitment and it takes work every single day, no matter your own personal goals.

Alex Santiago, Director, Client Services

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