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Forward Air case study


Implementing a wellness program can be challenging. Implementing one when the majority of your employees have non-desk job roles located across 100+ U.S. locations makes it more challenging— just ask Forward Air Corporation, a leading provider of time-definite surface transportation and related logistics services.

Ultimately, a partnership with Viverae®—a leading workplace wellness technology company—proved the right fit to engage a dispersed member population without on-the-job computer access.


In 2012, the two worked together to create a program design that complemented Forward Air’s unique situation and empowered their goal of helping employees create healthy lifestyles and manage healthcare costs. Health coaching and Disease Management (DM) programs were included to prevent, reduce, and manage members’ health risks.

Forward Air utilized a dedicated Viverae client relationship manager (CRM) to assist with planning, implementation, and management—a valuable asset for any busy company. To engage and motivate employees, they incentivized the program with an annual health insurance premium discount of over

$1,600 for individuals, and even higher for families—an effective way to ensure positive long-term health outcomes.


Forward Air’s “LiveWELL, Delivering a Healthy Life” program has completed three plan cycles. Results have improved year over year, proving wellness program longevity pays off.


Now in their fourth plan year, Forward Air can visibly see their culture of health thriving, and more employees are participating and completing the program sooner. Success is due in part to its flexibility and incentives, but the ultimate triumph is that employees now truly value their health and well-being.

As Forward Air’s wellness program and needs continue to grow, Viverae evolves, too—understanding wellness programs should be flexible. Forward Air has fostered a culture of health and well-being, and they continue to partner with Viverae for support and influence on their well-being journey.

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