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Financial Wellness

Finances are one of the primary stressors that can lead to employee absenteeism and an unproductive, distracted workforce. All that stress can also lead to health problems, affecting your bottom line in more ways than one.

That’s a lot of problems, but we’ve got one simple solution.

Viverae has partnered with a leading provider of financial wellness services, to implement integration capabilities that include financial health assessments, interactive education courses, and tracking tools for goal attainment.

By adding financial wellness to your program, members have access to education, financial assessment tools, resources, guidance, and low-interest financing* in one place whenever they want it, helping them minimize financial worry.


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Employees regard financial stress as their No. 1 concern, 5 times greater than personal health.


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90 percent of the nearly 128 million workers in the U.S. have difficulty managing their money and are not consistently saving for retirement.


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For every $1 spent on financial wellness, employers cite a $3 payback.

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Help your members engage in your wellness program even more by incentivizing
financial wellness!

Let’s build a culture of wellness and care together.
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