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Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching: Greater Outcomes. Greater Program Value.

We utilize lifestyle coaching to build healthy cultures, stimulate member interaction, and address risk factors that drive up healthcare costs. Lifestyle coaching inspires participants to break unhealthy habits and form new, healthy ones—preventing or reducing health risks associated with tobacco and alcohol use, cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress, among others.

Wellness program value is enhanced when lifestyle coaching is utilized to manage participants’ health risks.

⦁ Participants with high risk factors who engaged in lifestyle coaching saw their health risks reduced by 47.5%*

⦁ Coaching participants have 44.1 percent** higher wellness program engagement versus nonparticipants

Learn more about how the Viverae Lifestyle Coaching program can help fully capture the value of your wellness program.

*Viverae 2015 Book of Business, based on five-year cohort; **Viverae Coaching Data, July 2015

Let’s build a culture of wellness and care together.
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