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Clinical Foundation

Our foundation of care differentiates us from the workplace wellness market. We’re rooted in care and focused on reducing health risks. The Viverae Health Center is a health and wellness resource for our members.

It is staffed with a variety of highly trained customer care representatives, health professionals, and clinicians, including health and exercise specialists and registered nurses and dietitians.

Preventive Care Compliance, Condition Management (CM), Lifestyle Outreach, and Viverae Health Coaching programs—to name a few—are additional ways our clinical foundation works to improve your population’s health outcomes.

All-in-one Application

Where culture and care come together. We offer a wellness strategy that’s comprehensive, meaning it addresses, improves, and controls health factors in employee populations.

Our all-in-one, personalized member experience empowers, inspires, and supports.

And there’s no need for multiple vendors, everything from targeted communications to gamification to challenges is included within the application.

Validation in Numbers

Implementing a wellness program can be challenging. We have years of experience providing wellness solutions to employers—and the numbers to prove it.

When our Coaching and Condition Management (CM) programs are combined, clients experience a more than 69 percent** increase in engagement.

Our clients experience a risk factor reduction of 47.5 percent** over five years (based on five-year cohort).

If that’s not persuading, we have a 91 percent* client satisfaction rate that proves our clients are happy with us.

*Client Satisfaction Survey; **Viverae 2015 Book of Business

Condition Management

Chronic diseases can cost employers millions every year in insurance claims, absenteeism, and reduced productivity. Chronic health problems are often the most common and preventable health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Our Condition Management (CM) program focuses on prevention, early risk identification, and condition management—covering an industry-leading 22 identifiable conditions with personalized, evidence-based care plans.

Claims integration

Our Claims Integration Report provides a cohesive approach of measurement to help gauge whether your wellness program is positively influencing healthy behaviors and improving claims outcomes.

This resource also enables employers to build effective program design strategies that can target specific populations to ultimately manage costs and achieve better health outcomes.


Gone are the days of trying to pull together disparate data points from multiple sources or vendors. Viverae Analytics gives administrators instant reporting metrics.

View and pull fully indexed data and census files 24/7 to create real-time, boardroom-ready reports. View aggregate information about the health status of your population, learn actionable steps to take for implementing positive changes in your program, and share the results—all with the click of a button.

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