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Targeted Coaching Solutions

Viverae Health Coaching solutions target specific risk factors and populations. Find the right coaching solution for your members—and maximize your budget by only paying for those populations.

Enhanced Member Experience

Coaching is a visible and engaging component of our wellness portal, and members
receive individualized support from a dedicated Viverae Health Coach every step of the way.

Wellness program value is enhanced when coaching is utilized to manage participants’ health risks.

  • Participants with high risk factors who engaged in coaching saw their health risks reduced by 47.5 percent*
  • Coaching participants have 44.1 percent** higher wellness program engagement versus nonparticipants
  • Condition Management and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching participants have 69 percent** higher wellness program engagement versus nonparticipants


Learn how Viverae Health Coaching can help fully capture the value of your wellness program.

*Viverae 2015 Book of Business, based on five-year cohort; **Viverae Coaching Data, July 2015

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